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2% reservation for athletes in education and jobs


2% reservation for athletes in education and jobs

admin1 May 15, 2018

The state government issued Monday orders (GO No.5) to apply two per cent reservation to the players in educational workforce in Telangana. It will now apply for direct recruitment in all government departments, PSUs and aided institutions. Sports reservation runs parallel to women reservation. According to the roster, 48, 98 points were allocated. This means that 48th and 98th posts are in place for every hundred posts in the system. The government stated that reservation is applicable to 29 sports. Currently, Punjab and Haryana have 2% reservation while Telangana will be the third state. Sports Minister Padmarao said that the decision was taken by the Chief Minister KCR to give the decision to the players. On Monday, the Sports Secretary Burravankatamam, Sports Authority Chairman Allepperam Venkateshwar Reddy, MD Dinkarbabu and Special Agent Rajeshwar Rao were released on Monday. Recently the sportsmen who went to the Commonwealth, said KCR announced that 2% reservation for the players would be implemented and he was planning to implement the reservation in accordance with his suggestions. “In the past, the players were not allowed to make reservation in government jobs but were not included in the state subordinate provisions. Public Service Commission and other jobs are not applicable. Currently reservation is included in subordinate rules. We have been advised by the Justice Department and GAd without any problems. All appointments and educational institutions will function as a duty, “he said. Burrah Venkatesam said the 2% reservation for the players was a dynamic decision. According to the report, the inquiry has been initiated to report on complaints of recruitment of sports seating during the recruitment of medicine seats. Venkateswar Reddy said the state government plans to collect the accelerated cessation soon.

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