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admin1 June 12, 2018

US President Donald Trump, North Korea’s president Kim Jong-ul, met at Singapore on Tuesday. At the Capella Hotel in Singapore, the two heads of state met and shake hands. Trump and Kim have recently been scolded to one another. One of them threatened to bomb nuclear weapons. At the same time, the weather was cool and no one thought that the two would sit for talks. That’s why the whole world is looking forward to Singapore. In this meeting, the two sides discuss and discuss what decisions are taking place in the world over. The Tramp-Kim has been a long time ago. Trump announced on May 10 that North Korea’s chief Kim would be meeting. Later on May 24, Kim announced that he would be announcing the announcement and shocked everyone. ‘You are saying greatly about the sound of your nuclear weapon. But do not forget that we have the most powerful and powerful nuclear weapon. If you pray to God that you do not need them to get used to you, “Trump warned Kim. After a week of intense negotiations, the Trump-Kim Singapore meeting was announced.

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