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48 Hours…….


48 Hours…….

admin1 March 14, 2018

“There is no truth in the governor’s speech that the legislative council chairman Swamigoud had been attacked. It’s totally dramatic. This campaign is just to make the Congress a mess
Being. There are no possibilities of Swamigud, if you think about how many times when the governor’s speech is about protests. Show visuals related to it if it is bold. Take out the footage, “TPCC president Uttam Kumar said. The visuals show that the attack on Swagygoud is completely dramatic. The TRS government was the last budget of the country and said it was suspended from the House because of fear that they would be here on public issues and canceled their membership.

We have decided to protest for 48 hours. On Tuesday evening, the Congress Party launched a democracy conservation protest with the slogan of “KCR-Hatao … Telangana Bachao”. Komatireddy Venkatreddi and Sampathkummer started the initiation of membership.

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