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74 Percent H1-B Visas Approved For Indians


74 Percent H1-B Visas Approved For Indians

admin1 May 8, 2018

Washington: Indian technology experts have received 74.2 per cent of the H1B visa issued by the US in 2016. The report also revealed that it increased to 75.6% over the next year.

However, the number of new H1-B visa beneficiaries from India has declined. India is followed by China with 9 percent of H1B visas. In 2016, the Chinese got 9.3 percent of H1B visas and 9.4 percent in the next year. “The number of Indian beneficiaries for early employment in 2017 decreased by 4.1 percent. Similarly, the number of beneficiaries approved for permanent employment has increased by 12.5 percent in the same fiscal year, “USCISI, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services Agency, said. The report, released by the ‘Characteristics of H1B Specialty Occupation Workers’, revealed several details.

If Indians get 70,375 H1-B visas for early employment in 2016, it will fall to 67,815 by 2017. However, in 2016, there were 1,85,489 visas for employment, which rose to 2,08,608 in 2017. Of the total number of Indians in the country in 2016, 2,56,226 H1-B visas were added to 2,76,423 as of 2017. The report was sent to US senators on April 10 this year.

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