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A fire accident in mumbai


A fire accident in mumbai

admin1 June 13, 2018

A multi-storied building complex in Worli area in south Mumbai resulted in heavy fire. The accident took place at the 33rd floor of the Bloommount Towers in Abbasahab Marate Marg. Two floors on the building were seriously damaged. There are also many celebrities houses, including Union Minister Piyush Goyal, Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone. Officials who have not been injured in the incident are trying to control the fire. Firefighters reach the spot and try to control the fire. At first the level 2 was at risk and then level 3. 10 fire fighters, five jumbo tankers and 2 hydraulic platforms. Assistant crew brought out 95 people safely. Assistant actions continue to be intense.

Even as firefighters have come to the wrong place, there are difficulties coming out on the 33rd floor. This leads to another tower next to it and trying to control the fire completely. Winds become obsolete for auxiliary actions. Fires are more likely to be spread, and information is available to help with helicopters if necessary. There is no information of any loss of life so far. Traffic problem has arisen in the area surrounding the road with the accident.

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