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AB Develliers


AB Develliers

admin1 May 24, 2018

Mr. 360 Degrees, cricket superman, destructive batsman, former captain of the South African 34-year-old Abraham Benjamin De Villiers (ABD) farewell to international cricket. He announced that he was moving away from all the formats. He said that this decision was made in tiring. He posted on Twitter on Twitter’s retirement video message on December 17, 2004, following the port of Elizabeth, which made his Test debut against England. One and a half minutes in this video …

It’s hard to think of it and take this decision. Want to keep away from playing well. The time has come for India and Australia to win the series. Tired of telling truthfully. My role is out. This is the time to be responsible for everyone else. It is running out of power. That’s why. No plans to play abroad (leagues). It is possible that the Titans team will be available in the domestic field. I do not think it’s okay to limit any format on behalf of South Africa. I want to serve a full range of national team. Otherwise, you have to quit altogether. I am grateful to coaches and assistant staff who cooperate for years. With the help of colleagues, I was able to grow up with me. Thanks to cricket fans around the world including South Africa. Hope you understand. Captain du Plessis, Protest team has always been my strong support.

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