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Actress Anushka Shetty New Movie Details Revealed

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Actress Anushka Shetty New Movie Details Revealed

admin1 November 9, 2018

Anushka has announced her new film with internationally acclaimed film ‘Baahubali’. After Bahubali 2, Anushka who was fond of fans with ‘Bhagamathi’, did not make any announcement later. Thus, she has a variety of rumors. From Anushka Focus movies, she has gone to the bridal party and the rumors emerged that her darling Prabhas would soon be getting married.

It is not new to Rumors that Anushka is not new, but Anushka who has taken the light of it is going to hit the coconuts for his new film. This story was made by Twitter author, director and producer Kona Venkat. The film is directed by Hemant Madhukar and is directed by Smiley Star Madhavan. Kona Venkat is the story of the movie and the production of the People’s Media Factory and Kona Film Corporation. The film will be shooting in the US soon.

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