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After Soundarya, It’s Kajal – Chota on Kiss Row

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After Soundarya, It’s Kajal – Chota on Kiss Row

admin1 November 15, 2018

Amidst huge uproar over kissing Kajal publicly and demand within the industry growing to ban cinematographer Chota K Naidu for his act, Chota has responded to the brewing controversy.

Chota tried to clarify and defend his act. He said that he didn’t have any bad intention and he just did so in order to appreciate Kajal’s work. Chota said that he likes Kajal after Soundarya and he has worked with Kajal in so many films.

Setting the record straight, Chota said that he had done with affection, but there was no negative intention. Meanwhile, Kajal too seems to have taken Chota’s act in her stride. Although Kajal was initially shocked with Chota’s sudden act, she took it in stride. In the wake of ‘me too’ controversy, Chota’s act seems to have caught all the attention.

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