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Age is only the number: Dhoni


Age is only the number: Dhoni

admin1 May 28, 2018

All of those who have seen the Chennai Super Kings team before IPL started this year .. “Everyone in the squad has over 30. Can this season be fine? However, Chennai IPL was the 11th season winner, making all the expectations. The Chennai Super Kings won the IPL trophy for the third consecutive time in the final against Sunrisers.

After the match Dhoni said, “Many people talk about the age of players in the squad. Fitness is more important than age. The players in our team are very competitive. Take the Ambati Rayudu specially in the tournament. His age was 33. The fact is not age barrier. Only a number. That’s not the real problem. This is what the team asks for the captain. The captain needs to move the players on the field. In the opposing team, along with Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Rasheed Khan is the pressure bowler on us. We wanted to score well in middle overs. Every success is very special. It is difficult to say something special, “Dhoni said.

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