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Akhil Ragged by Rana, Lakshmi!

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Akhil Ragged by Rana, Lakshmi!

admin1 July 5, 2016

New entrant Akhil Akkineni was ragged by seniors Rana Daggubati and Manchu Lakshmi during the recently held SIIMA 2016 in Singapore. During one of the occasions, all three – Akhil, Rana and Lakshmi Manchu-  were on dais and that’s when Rana, Lakshmi took dig at Akhil’s relationship.

Rana has ridiculed at Akhil by asking him, “How old are you?”. Unknowing of Rana’s satire up in the store, Akhil replied, “I’m 22”. And pat came reply from Rana. “I’m 32. Am still single. I haven’t got one yet and is it necessary for you now?” Shocked with Rana’s sudden remark, Akhil kept quiet and threw a smile. Onlookers said that Akhil had difficult time trying to control his feelings has his face said to have turned red upon hearing Rana’s statement.

What’s more? Backing Rana, Lakshmi Manchu added, “I was in US. Soon after I returned, I was shocked to see in about Akhil’s love in a leading tabloid.” Apparently, Akhil couldn’t take this it in his stride as Rana made these comments in front of large gathering, audience at SIIMA.

Akhil recently admitted that he is in love with a Hyderabad-based designer Shriya Bhupal, daughter of industrialist Shalini Bhupal. 1467702289-14

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