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Amazon as the most valuable company in the world

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Amazon as the most valuable company in the world

admin1 January 9, 2019

Global online business giant Amazon has once again made its specialty. Amazon, the Amazon CEO of Jeff Bezos, has become the world’s most valuable company in the world. Monday achieved this feat by pulling out Microsoft’s top spot.

Amazon Retail, led by Jeff Bezos, became the most valuable company on the planet, expanding into a million-million commercial empire. Amazon’s share of Amazon’s market capitalization stood at $ 810 billion (about Rs 57 lakh crore) at the end of Tuesday’s global markets. Amazon is the world’s most valuable company. This is the closest company Microsoft’s wealth is $ 20 billion more than $ 790 billion.

Apple fell further with China’s blow. Apple’s market cap, which surpassed $ 1.1 trillion at the time, slipped to over 35 per cent from its peak level. Apple’s current market cap is $ 710 billion. This is the fourth place. Google (parental alphabet) is third with 750 billion dollars.

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