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American president Trump in Diwali celebrations


American president Trump in Diwali celebrations

admin1 November 14, 2018

US President Donald Trump praised India as a stronger negotiator on trade and commerce. We are trying to create better trade relations with India. Trump participated in the Diwali celebrations held in the White House on Tuesday. The event was attended by other senior officials including Indian Americans in his ruling class. Jyoti prasad as part of celebrations, said US President .. After that, “America has the strongest relations with India, the world’s largest democracy. It is great to have a friendship with a person like Narendra Modi. We are trying to make better trade and trade agreements with India, “Trump said.

The event was held at the historic Roosevelt Hall in the White House, where 25 American Indians participated. The event was attended by Indian diplomat Navtage Singh Sarkar in the US on the occasion of the trump invitation. “I feel honored to celebrate this festival in the white souvenir. We all have a place to celebrate the celebration. Many of the Southeast Asian countries, including India, are serving in America. Millions of other countries have come to America. They are proud to join the American family, “Trump said.

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