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Another credit in Mahesh Bhagwat’s account


Another credit in Mahesh Bhagwat’s account

admin1 May 14, 2018

Rachakonda Commissioner Mahesh Bhagwat, who is critical in preventing sexual trafficking, has reached another milestone. Canada’s Ascent Software and Data Company has been ranked on the ‘2017 Top 100 Human Trafficking and Slavery Influence Leaders’ list. The company has selected a list of hundreds of people working around the world for sexual abuse and modern slavery. This report was created by University of Notre Dame MBA Lucas Taylor on behalf of the Ascent company. Mahesh Babu is ranked 47th in the list. The IPS officer of the Telangana state cadre has been working for thirteen years of sexual harassment. Mahesh Bhagwat has already won the US Department of State’s ‘2017 Trafficking in Person Report Hero’ award. The award was selected for the removal of 25 prostitutes (5 hotels, 20 residential apartments) in the Rachakonda Commissionerate.

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