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Another thousand new buses for RTC

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Another thousand new buses for RTC

admin1 January 11, 2019

RTC managing director Sunil Sharma said that another 1,000 buses would be bought for new services to passengers. “We are considering alternative revenue sources for losses to the RTC and set up a committee to look at the risk reduction,” he said. Within a week, 40 power buses would be opened and another hundred buses would be available later. On Thursday he held a review meeting with senior officials at Bhaskaran. Subsequently, Sunil Sharma spoke at a press conference. The RTC is aimed at providing better facilities, low fare, quality services for passengers. We will go ahead with this plan. Basically, the RTC will do all the necessary actions to prevent losses. RTC has been making 2.5 per cent of the revenue from shopkeeping operations and it is trying to increase it further. He said the company has decided to make multiplexes faster and get accessible in the empty space of the company. The RTC has said that it has come down heavily on some of the routes … to discuss the situation with the RMD and DIMs in 15 days to tackle this situation. Tarnaka RTC hospital said he would take appropriate steps in treatment and medicine. Sunil Sharma said he was thinking of cutting the number of buses in Metro rail. Metro rail, RTC and MNTS are doing their best to make joint passes available.

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