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AP BJP Leaders Upset To Modi Speech In Guntur

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AP BJP Leaders Upset To Modi Speech In Guntur

admin1 February 11, 2019

AP BJP leaders are lipping over Prime Minister Modi’s speech at the public awareness campaign in Guntur. “We are very disappointed that we have a lot of hopes on Modi tour,” he said. The BJP leaders felt that Modi’s visit would be helpful to face the Telugu Desam Party, which is taking the impression that the center is not doing anything to the state. But he was criticizing the speech in Guntur that he was limited to tearing Chandrababu.

The BJP leaders point out that it is okay to say that it is a political opponent, but it is okay to say about the help that had been made in the past, but that it would give one of the pending dividend guarantees. The heads of the North and East are holding the head of the Railways to have at least one statement.

There are people who are worried that people are not going to come with the TDP’s already damaged people. The BJP leaders have said that Modi, who has been disappointed in the House, wants to announce some of the pending guarantees at least in Visakhapatnam.

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