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AP CM Chandrababu Sensational Comments Over YS Jagan Padayatra

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AP CM Chandrababu Sensational Comments Over YS Jagan Padayatra

admin1 January 10, 2019

Jagan Mohan Reddy, the YCP President of the Vice-President, launched on November 6, 2017, ended on Wednesday. The Jagan padayatra, which opened in Kadapa district, ran for 341 days for 3648 KM in the village of Ichapuram in Srikakulam District. Chandrababu said in his interview with the media on Wednesday night at the public venue in undavalli. Chandrababu said that YCP President Jagan had ended his vacation. Every week there is a fancy journey to his home, where there are times when he walked for a few days to midnight. Babu questioned. Is it a padayatra that walks about 8 kilometers a day, resting for a week? Commented.

Also, the key comments were made on the allies. Chandrababu made it clear that he would take a decision on the alliance in the state in accordance with the sentiments of the people and the same with the Congress. On January 19, Mamata Banerjee’s rally in Kolkata, the Dravida Marthana Sabha, The candidates were announced at the right time. In the past, the state has lost a lot of assets, the leverage has also gone, officials and industrialists have gone to jail and remembered the vanpick lands dealing with the disproportionate assets.

We welcome the reservation for the poor in the upper castes, but what should be done before the elections. The TDP MPs were suspended and the bill was introduced. In the most crucial part of the bill, TDP MPs did not partner. They have been asked to give 5 per cent reservation to the Kapus and do not care to send valmiki’s to the ST, but the Center is not acting in the case of a case of a knife. The case was handed over to the NIA by the Center and the Center was the target of the NIA intervention.

Now that I have been experiencing our state, I am not surprised that in the future I have hit anybody who has hit the wrong cases. He said that the land was allegedly corrupt and that the farmers had to come up with the idea. CM Chandrababu said that the land will be given back 30% more returns and the need to come back to TDP in the state.

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