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AR Murugadoss Talks On Tirunelveli Suicide Scene In Sarkar Movie

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AR Murugadoss Talks On Tirunelveli Suicide Scene In Sarkar Movie

admin1 November 1, 2018

‘Sarkar’ is the feature film directed by AR Murugadoss. Fame in this movie is playing Keerthy Suresh heroine. AR Rahman provided musical notes. The film is produced by Sun Pictures and will be released on November 6 as a Diwali gift. The recently released film teaser increases expectations. The real life event of a family committed suicide seems to be crucial. After the release of teaser, more discussion is on. Director Murugadoss revealed more interesting details about this scene.

In Sarkar teaser, a family laughs at the scene of a family alive. Murugadoss said that many of the guests were sitting on the screen while shooting this scene. ‘You can not tell about the scene before the release of the film. It’s an emotional scene. That shot was shown in teaser .. “Murugadoss said.

In Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, committed suicide and committed suicide by hanging four in one family. It was then sensational throughout the country. Murugadoss said that the scene was shot on the basis of Tirunelveli incident.

‘Explaining how to act in a fire, I’m very worried. The real life incident is shown in the movie .. The family is feeling how bad it is. Everybody was emotional when shooting this scene. I was crying along with me. This sequence did not see anyone’s face until the end of the shoot. The set is filled with silence, “Murugadoss said.

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