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Arranges for cabinet expansion

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Arranges for cabinet expansion

admin1 January 8, 2019

Chief Minister KCR, who is preparing for the expansion of the ministry, has focused on social equations. It is doing this accordingly. The list of legislators who have won the recent elections is being studied for two days. Each of the 11 OCIs, four BSc, SC, ST and Minorities have been given opportunity to 18 seats in the last cabinet. This time, he is contemplating a set of standards for the composition. During the cabinet formation on 13 th of last month, the Chief Minister of Minority was sworn in with Mahmood Ali. Minority quota replacement. The SC, ST, BCC quota and women’s quota should be replaced. The campaign is going to take another eight people in the cabinet expansion expected to take place on 18th of this month. In this phase, the appointment of ministers under BC, along with SC, ST and women’s quota are guaranteed. The SC, ST, Women’s Quota, each of them, will be both in BCCO and the remaining three seats will be given to OCI. 88 MLAs have been elected as TRS. After the two independents joined, the party strength reached 90. These MLAs have 20 BS and SCs 16, STIs five, one minority, three women (OC two, STI).

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