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Auction For Panchayats Unanimous In Telangana

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Auction For Panchayats Unanimous In Telangana

admin1 January 9, 2019

We’ll keep looking at auction for rare items and artifacts. In the villages of the villages, the bazaars are decorated during the ceremony. Another type of auction is now in Telangana. What do you want to do? Auctions for unanimous sarpanch.

In the backdrop of the gram panchayat elections in Telangana, some of the expectations are auctioned for sarpanch. The first phase of electoral nominations across the state will be completed today (Wednesday). In this context, some leaders are offering party loans to prevent rivals from contesting. Some wait to wait for nominations withdrawal to some of the bidders and wait for auction. There are attempts to reach the sarpanch unanimously where the panchayats have revenue sources. There is a good demand for the governments in the panchayats, along the highways and national highways, where real estate is prevalent. The price of the panchayats in the towns is also very pronounced. In many villages, there are already bids and contracts, but they do not see light because of the election rules.

The Kondapur Mandal in Sangarady constituency has created a huge demand for three panchayats. A leader came up to pay Rs 30 lakh to a panchayat. The opposing category has been nominated by his brother to compete against the leader. The leader who wants to get the job of the sarpanch is negotiating with the opposing side. It has been agreed to give Rs 7 lakh to another panchayat. It seems that unanimous agreements have been completed in several zones within the Medak and Sanga Reddy districts. Some people have been given a pay of Rs.8-15 lakh for a panchayat in Vikarabad district panchayat zone. Negotiations in the Narayankhed constituency are being held to give Rs one and half lakh rupees a panchayat in the third phase of the election.

Previously villages were chosen unanimously to govern the ruling class. Now the increase in money has not been given unanimity because people do not have anything to pay for a panchayat development. Otherwise, no one will have to pay the amount of money to the opposing group without standing up. There are panchayats that are unanimous to the honest leaders. The Telangana government has announced that it will pay Rs 10 lakh for unanimous panchayats in the election.

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