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Ayodhya case again postponed to trial

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Ayodhya case again postponed to trial

admin1 January 10, 2019

The Supreme Court has postponed the case on the grounds of the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Mosque in Ayodhya. The Constitution Bench has formed five judges to hear the arguments in this case. The bench began trial on Thursday. However, one of the benchs, Judge U Lalith, dismissed the trial, subsequently adjourned January 29. The court said the new Constitution bench would be set up in this case.Judges of the Supreme Court of India, constitutional bench comprising headed by Justice Ranjan Gogoi,NV Ramana,S.A BOBDE, Justice U Lalith, Justice D.C. Chandrachud. The bench began hearing on Thursday. Senior advocate Rajiv Dhawan expressed concern over Justice Lalit’s stay in the bench. Justice Lalit argued in the same case for Kalyan Singh. Lawyer Dhawan expressed dissatisfaction with the Justice Lalit as members of the Constitution. This led to Justice Lalit’s dismissal. The Supreme Court has postponed the trial in this backdrop. The Supreme Court has stated that the new bench will hear arguments on January 29 from the Ayodhya case.In 2010, the Allahabad High Court ruled that the 2.77 acre controversial land should be distributed equally between Sunni Waqford, Nirmohi Akhada and Ramla. Many of those who were not satisfied with this judgment approached the Supreme Court. 14 cases were filed against individuals and charities. On October 29, last year, the Supreme Court examined the cases and reported to the bench in the first week of January 2019. Last Tuesday, the constitution was constituted.

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