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Balakrishna Speech At Aravindha Sametha Success Meet

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Balakrishna Speech At Aravindha Sametha Success Meet

admin1 October 22, 2018

NTR-Trivikram Combo released ‘Aravindha Sametha’ Success Meet was held on Sunday night at Shilpa Kala platform in Hyderabad. Famous actor Balakrishna has been the guest of the event and the fans of the Nandamuri fans are not relieved. Balayya, Tarak and Kalyan Ram were beaten and beaten.

Balakrishna said, “The Telugu nation of party origin for the sake of the well-being is Chaitanya Ratha Sarathi Nandamuri Harikrishna. His death has hurt my mind very much. He is a very frank person. To achieve what is expected, the profit will go ahead without risking losses. He is not in the midst of us. In the early days of TDP’s founding, he was the father of the father and the father was a suitable son. Chaitanya Ratha Sarathi went to the public as a captain. He was credited with the highest number of Hindupur after his father’s death. As the transport minister, road tags were dropped on tractors using farmers. Employed conductor jobs for women, “he said with emotion. ‘NTR’ is busy in the biopic and it is not the ‘Aravinda Sameta’ that I can not see a dialogue about ‘polygi raised mother.’ The dialogue about the woman’s greatness in ‘Legend’ has indicated.

Frustration for Tarak fans: Fans who had hoped to hear his favorite actor Junior NTR in Balayya’s words. Speaking about Junior NTR .. “I do not like to make Tarak films. Larger Than Liepp’s stories tell us. The depths of that magnitude will be revealed. In our movies we have to be nervous. That’s what our fans want. My blood surges in hearing the moods of Telugu. My tune is tired of listening to the mood of NTR. Nandamuri is the name given to the historical and mythological films. ” Soon Taman’s music, and other things, ended up talking entirely about Tarak. This is a bit disappointing to some fans .. Nandamuri heros are doing their best to share the same platform than sharing a venue.

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