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Balayya To Become Brand Ambassador Of Brahmins

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Balayya To Become Brand Ambassador Of Brahmins

admin1 January 6, 2018

The promotions of Nandamuri Balakrishna’s upcoming movie Jai Simha are on full swing. As a part of promotions, the movie unit is claiming that so many movies have insulted brahmins but their movie makes them proud. They stated that every Brahmin will feel very proud after watching the film and will really like the movie.

Apparently, there will be a scene before the interval which was shot at Kumbakonam with more than 2000 Purohits. In that scene all of them gathers to protest against the insult happened to a brahmin. In that scene, Balayya will have some dialogues with intense words. The movie unit is confident that one scene will greatly impress the Brahmins. They are claiming that every Brahmin will become a fan of Balayya after watching the film. They are hoping that the audience will watch the movie with their families and the film will become viral in the Brahmin community.

We have seen so many issues where Brahmins commented that the scenes are insulting their community. It seems like Jai Simha is going to be a tribute for all of them. The netizens are commenting that Balayya will become the brand ambassador of Brahmins after the movie release.

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