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Belgium Beat Netherlands To Win Mens Hockey World Cup 2018

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Belgium Beat Netherlands To Win Mens Hockey World Cup 2018

admin1 December 17, 2018

Belgium has won the Hockey World Cup, which has been a thrill of nerves. India won hosted the Hockey World Cup 3-2 in the Netherlands and Belgium. Belgium players were emotionally beaten after the Netherlands were defeated at the end of the thrilling finals. The first time the game ended, the score was not opened. The penalty shootout is inevitable for the World Cup winner.

In the first Chance, the Belgian player Von Abel defeated Florent goal. Then the score was 1-1 with Jeronen’s goal from the Netherlands. The second penalty kick in Belgium and the Netherlands failed. Belgium scored three and four kicks as goals. The Netherlands scored just a fourth kick. Belgium became the world champion with 3-2 goals.

Belgium is the sixth team to win men’s hockey world cup. The three-time champion, the Netherlands, once again finished runner-up. The Netherlands lost to Australia in the 2014 World Cup final. India is ranked 6th. Belgium, the Netherlands, Australia, England and Germany top five.

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