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Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Winner Kaushal Manda

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Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Winner Kaushal Manda

admin1 October 1, 2018

Big boss house mates make him sing and play the game and hit the title .. That is true .. Kaushal is acting in blood. At the age of

two he won the National Award for Best Child Leader.

The second season of the big bass is over for over a hundred days. As everyone imagined, Kaushal Big became the boss of the boss. When

he entered the house to win the title, he finally got what he wanted. In this order housed away from the housemates. Prize announced

that he would use cancer to cure cancer victims. Someone like his mother wanted to be distressed. Kaushal acquired more admiration.

Kaushal’s entry into the house with the plan of the game, finally came to the same strategy and finally did it. Many people are

interested to learn about Kaushal who won the Big Boss title. That’s why his details are for you ..

Kaushal hometown Visakhapatnam. Father dramatist artist. Born in 1981, he has a bodybuilding and horse riding. He became an actor in

modeling. Modeling agency has been created in the looks. Kaushal who has acted in more than 200 commercials, owns an advertising

agency and production house in Hyderabad. 1999 Joined the Final of Mr. India. He married Neelima. They have a son and daughter.

Before getting into the big bass house, Kaushal came close to Telugu audience through TV serials and movies. He is known by the

serials like the Chakravakam and Suryavamsham. Dance hosted the Dance Baby Dance Show.

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