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Bipasha Basu: I Take My ‘Horror Queen’ Tag With a Constructive Pinch of Salt


Bipasha Basu: I Take My ‘Horror Queen’ Tag With a Constructive Pinch of Salt

admin1 October 28, 2015

basuShe’s the host with a difference in the &TV show “Darr Sabko Lagta Hai.” The czarina of ghost sagas on the big screen since “Raaz” (2002) to new innings from “Raaz 3” (2012) to “Alone” (2015), Bipasha Basu chirps that she has no problems with the “Horror Queen” tag, as tags are given only when an actor does something right.

I have been receiving offers off and on for television in the last five years, but I was not sure of what to do on TV. I love reality shows and might do them later, but right now I did not want to do something everyone was doing. My team and I thought of a fitness show, but that would have been too niche. And then they offered me this concept of short films done by varied directors like Sangeeth Sivan, Raj and DK, Suparn Verma and others.

This was their take and visualizations of supernatural short films with high production values, nice actors and a very fresh integration of me into all the episodes. I was the great link, but the way they integrated me was not at all like the normal sutradhar or narrator who narrates the future story and talks with a teleprompter in front of her. I would never do that, as I find it boring!

I am sure they must have, which is why I am a bit of a ‘darpok’ (timid) person, because I was an extremely naughty kid! (Laughs) But I have always maintained that I have a memory that does not work beyond three months, so I can’t really remember! Even today, it is easy to startle me with a sudden touch or noise. I am scared of the dark, of reptiles, of heights — it’s a never-ending list! (Chuckles)

And if I am scared of ghosts without ever seeing one, someone must have told me such tales. There are always two sides to all of us, as most of us have never seen a ghost — as cynics we try to rationalize things, but we are always afraid of things that we do not understand fully.

Q: Your show’s tagline means that everyone is afraid of something. Have you ever met a fearless person in every aspect?

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