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BJP AP president Kanna lakshminarayana

Andhra pradesh

BJP AP president Kanna lakshminarayana

admin1 May 14, 2018

Lakshminarayana was appointed as the President of the BJP AP. After examining the names of many, the BJP headed for more than the central leadership. Somu Veerraju was elected as the convener of the state election management committee on the other. The appointment was made by the party’s national general secretary Arun Singh on the orders of party national president Amit Shah. Amit Shah, who is in the Karnataka election till yesterday, has taken up this appointment. Laxmanarayana who worked in the Congress party in the past, has joined the BJP after the election.


Mr. Lakshminarayana thanked the Prime Minister and the national leader Amit Shah who handed him the state party presidential responsibilities. He said he would work for the development of the party without breaking his confidence in him. He said the party would run forward in the next election. He said that people are being taught to help the state center. We are going to turn the evil on the center.

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