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సత్యనాదెళ్ల ప్యాకేజీ 17.7 మిలియన్‌ డాలర్లు

ఇంటర్నెట్‌డెస్క్‌: మైక్రోసాఫ్ట్‌ చీఫ్‌ ఎగ్జిక్యూటీవ్‌ ఆఫీసర్‌ సత్యనాదెళ్ల వేతన ప్యాకేజీ గతంతో పోల్చుకుంటే 3.3శాతం తగ్గి 17.7మిలియన్‌ డాలర్లకు చేరింది. ఆయనకు చెల్లించిన ప్యాకేజీలో 5.66 మిలియన్‌ డాలర్ల వేతనం, బోనస్‌, 12 మిలియన్‌ డాలర్ల వాటాలు ఉన్నాయి. అక్కడి రెగ్యులేటరీలకు సంస్థ ఇచ్చిన ఫైలింగ్‌లో ఈ విషయాలను పేర్కొంది. ఈ వాటాల్లో సగం 2018 నాటికి సత్యనాదెళ్లకు అందుతాయి. కంపెనీ లక్ష్యాలను పూర్తి స్థాయిలో చేరితే 2019లో మిగిలిన వాటాలు కూడా ఆయనకు అందుతాయి. మైక్రోసాఫ్ట్‌ ప్రతినిధి పీటీ వూటన్‌ ఈ ప్యాకేజీపై ... Read More »

Hyderabadi educationist gets award at Global Education Research Conference

Hyderabad: First Global Education Research Conference was organised in Lucknow. Principal Al-Siddique High School, Bahadurpura, Mrs. Tazeen Jamal Siddiqui, was presented Best Innovator Award in Education 2016. The conference was organised by City Monitory School, Lucknow. Besides Bharati Gandhi, Founder Director School, a large number of academicians were present on the occasion. Tazeen Jamal Siddiqui has been selected for the ... Read More »

Now buy and sell items on Facebook’s ‘Marketplace’

New York: In a bid to make inroads into the emerging e-commerce space, Facebook has launched ‘Marketplace’ – its new user-to-user exchange for buying and selling goods with others in the community on its platform. Over the next few days, Marketplace will roll out to everyone over 18-years-old in the US, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand on the Facebook app ... Read More »

Microsoft bids goodbye to its fitness wearable ‘Band’

New York: US tech giant Microsoft is discontinuing its wearable fitness tracker called “Band” and the company has no plans to release “Band 3”. “The Band 2 has been wiped completely from Microsoft’s online store and is no longer available from Best Buy either,” technology website The Verge reported on Tuesday. Consumers can still buy it from Amazon through its ... Read More »

Method to control ‘hot’ electrons comes a step closer

London: In a promising step towards being able to manipulate and control the behaviour of high energy, or ‘hot’, electrons, scientists have, for the first time, identified a method of visualising the quantum behaviour of electrons on a surface. Hot electrons are necessary for a number of processes and the implications of being able to manipulate their behaviour are far-reaching ... Read More »

India-US cyber dialogue confirms support for the preservation of openness and interoperability

Washington :The fifth India-US cyber dialogue is reflective of broad engagement of the two countries on important bilateral and global issues, a joint statement by the White House has said. The fifth India-US cyber dialogue concluded in New Delhi on Thursday. The dialogue is a forum for implementing the framework for the India US cyber relationship, says the joint statement. ... Read More »

Rosetta spacecraft captures final image of the comet 67P

Washington :The Rosetta spacecraft captured a final image of the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko shortly before crash-landing into the comet’s surface, bringing an end to the probe’s twelve-year long journey. The final descent gave European Space Agency’s (ESA) Rosetta the opportunity to study the comet’s gas, dust and plasma environment very close to its surface, as well as take very high-resolution images. ... Read More »

MANUU distance mode annual exams

Hyderabad: Distance mode annual examinations of MA (Urdu, History, English and Islamic Studies), B.A., B.Sc., B.Com, PG diploma and certificate courses of Maulana Azad National Urdu University shall be conducted from December 1 to 21 at all centres of the University. According to controller of examinations, the candidates who have applied before the last date should appear in these examinations ... Read More »

Group II services exam, 8 lakh applicants

Hyderabad: Telangana State Public Service Commission received 7, 91, 968 applications for Group II services written test to be held on 11th and 13th November 2016. 26958 candidates could not register their applications online due to technical defects, although, they had paid their examination fees through banks. TSPSC is making all efforts to conduct the written test successfully in a ... Read More »

Dog is just too clever to follow humans advice, says science

Washington : Dogs are less likely to follow bad advice from humans, according to a new study which found that, in contrast to kids, the canines only copy a person’s actions if they are absolutely necessary for solving the task at hand. “Children tend to copy all of a teacher’s actions, regardless of whether they are necessary or not,” said ... Read More »

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