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Would love to be Incredible India ambassador: Akshay

Akshay Kumar’s name has been doing the rounds for the new brand ambassador of the government’s ‘Incredible India’ campaign and the superstar says he would love to take the position. Megastar Amitabh Bachchan has emerged as the top choice to front the campaign after superstar Aamir Khan, whose contract ended recently. Besides Bachchan, Akshay, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone are ... Read More »

Tough Days Ahead For Sankranti Movies

Sankranthi season is considered as biggest festive season for Telugu people. Most of the star hero films will be targeted at Sankranthi to cash in the advantage of festive holidays. But this Sankranthi season disadvantage is that, Sankranthi happened to be on Friday, which means from Monday Schools and Colleges were reopened. This time, 4 movies got released for Sankranthi ... Read More »

Chiru’s 150th on Charan’s birthday

Megastar Chiranjeevi’s most prestigious and comeback 150th movie, Telugu remake of Kollywood hit movie “Kaththi” is set to go on the floor very soon. Talent film maker V.V Vinayak is going to helm this megaphone. He said that currently he is working on the script and at the final stage. Makers are planning to launch the movie on 27th March ... Read More »

సంక్రాంతి బరిలో గెలిచింది ఎవరో తెలుసా

ఈ ఏడాది సంక్రాంతి బరిలో ఎన్నడు లేని విధంగా టాప్ హీరోల చిత్రాలు మూడు, ఒకటి చిన్న చిత్రం మొత్తం నాలుగు పోటి కి తలపడ్డాయి. దీంతో ఇటు  ప్రేక్షకులలో , అటు ట్రేడ్ వర్గాల్లో ఈ సంక్రాంతి బాక్సాఫీస్ చాలా ఆసక్తిని రేకెత్తించింది. మొదటి నుండి మిగతా మూడు చిత్రాలు ఎన్టీఆర్ ,బాలకృష్ణ , శర్వానంద్ లు సంక్రాంతి కే రిలీజ్ అని చెబుతూ వస్తున్న, చివరి నిమిషంలో ఎవరు ఉహించని విధంగా సంక్రాంతి బరిలోకి కింగ్ నాగార్జున రావడం అందరిని ఆశ్చర్యాన్ని ... Read More »

Anasuya and Anushka disappointed

Two sizzling beauties actress Anushka and Anasuya who made their screen presence in recently released fantasy, romantic and family entertainer movie “Soggade Chinni Nayana” starring King Nagarjuna, Lavanya Tripathi and Ramya Krishna, failed to create any glamorous impact on the audiences. Anusuya who created much hype before the release of the movie, disappointed the audiences as she was seen as ... Read More »

అనుష్క పెళ్ళికి రెడీ అంటోంది

సౌత్ స్టార్ హీరోయిన్ గా ఓ వెలుగు వెలుగుతున్న బొమ్మాలి అనుష్క ఓ ఇంటర్ వ్యూ లో  తన పెళ్ళి విషయం గురించి చెప్పుకొచ్చింది. విలైననంత త్వరగా పెళ్ళి చేసుకొని సెటిల్ అవ్వాలని ఉంది. కాని ఇప్పటికి వరకు నాకు కరెక్ట్ పర్సన్ దొరకలేదు.నాకు సరైనోడు నన్ను ఇంప్రెస్స్ చేసే వాడు దొరికితే వెంటనే పెళ్ళి చేసుకుంటాను. నేను ఈ మధ్య ఎక్కడికి వెళ్ళిన నా పెళ్ళి గురించే అడుగుతున్నారు. ఈ విషయం పై క్లారిటీ ఇవ్వాల్సిన అవసరం ఎంతైనా ఉంది.అని తన పెళ్ళి ... Read More »

Prakash Raj’s movie in Feb

Versatile actor Prakash Raj is busy in his directorial venture “Manavoori Ramayanam” which is progressing at brisk pace and based on the village backdrop.  The movie is being made in Telugu and Kannada languages.  It is comedy family entertainer movie in which Prakash Raj is playing the lead role. Earlier Prakash Raj has directed two  movies ‘Dhoni’ and ‘Ulavacharu Biryani’ ... Read More »

Nannaku Prematho Hit By Piracy

There is no bigger threat to the existence of Tollywood than film piracy. Each year, this devastating menace is causing a huge loss to the tune of several hundred crores to Tollywood and both the governments. Even though filmmakers take strict measures to control piracy, pirates have been finding hi-tech ways to spread their roots. The latest film to fall ... Read More »

Abhishek Kapoor defines `Fitoor` as deep red rose

Bollywood director Abhishek Kapoor, who has adapted Charles Dickens’ timeless classic Great Expectations for his latest flick ‘Fitoor’, ha said that ‘Fitoor’ is a passionate story of love. The 44-year-old director was recently in the national capital with his star cast to launch a new song of the movie. In an exclusive interview with ANI, Abhishek shared, “Fitoor’ means obsession ... Read More »

Now, Comedian Sapthagiri As Hero!

Well-known comedian Sapthagiri is all set to turn as lead hero. Sapthagiri will be making his debut as hero in an upcoming film. The yet-to-be-titled movie will have direction by yesteryear director Sagar. Sagar was guru for ace directors like Sreenu Vaitla, VV Vinayak, AS Ravi Kumar Chowdary and Nageshwar Reddy. Now buzz is that Sagar’s old students Vaitla, Vinayak, ... Read More »

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