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CBI Ex JD Lakshmi Narayana Political Party Name May Be Jana Dhwani

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CBI Ex JD Lakshmi Narayana Political Party Name May Be Jana Dhwani

admin1 November 24, 2018

The former Joint Director of the CBI, who retires from voluntary retirement, is to open a political party on November 26. However, there is a debate in the political circles about what his party name is. He is also known as JD and his name is also called ‘Jana Dhwani’ (JD). The name Vandemataram is also in the campaign. However, the close associates of Lakshminarayana do not confirm any name. It does not condemn them. Lakshminarayana seems to be looking forward. On the other hand, information is to be held in Hyderabad on November 26 for public gardens platform. Someone already invited invitations to this meeting. It is said that the party’s name is likely to be able to collect views from those who attend the meeting. JD Lakshminarayana is named after the investigations into the cases of Jagan, Satyam Computers and Gali Janardan Reddy. The manner in which he treated the case has created a big sensation.

On the other hand, while studying the rural issues, especially the farmers’ hardship while working as an IPS officer, he went extensively in various districts of Andhra Pradesh after voluntary retirement. Visit the villages and meet the farmers directly and discover their own problems. In the same way, they went to college and studied the issues and made them aware of many issues. The Titli storm, which was razed to the Srikakulam district, toured the affected areas. The speculation that Laxminarayana is coming into politics for the last few years has gained momentum. He said he would join BJP and that the YCP and TDP wanted to work with them. He speculated that the party was to build up the Pulpop and set up the party itself.

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