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CBI Vs Kolkata Police: Congress Leader Vijayashanthi Slams Telangana CM KCR

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CBI Vs Kolkata Police: Congress Leader Vijayashanthi Slams Telangana CM KCR

admin1 February 4, 2019

The war between the West Bengal government and the center reached its peak. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Saturday lodged a complaint against the Kolkata Commissioner of the Mamatha Banerjee and Saradha Chits scam. The CBI eradication over the aggression of Mamatha Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar went to the residence and declared solidarity for the state government. This led to further fire between the Center and the Mamatha. Opposition parties supported Mamatha on the issue. Congress President Rahul Gandhi, AP CM Chandrababu, SP supremo Akhilesh and RJD youth Tejaswi Yadav were among the leaders of the party.

The Telangana CM KCR, which has so far not made any statement on the issue, has been attacked by Congress leader and actress Vijayashanthi on Twitter. Chief Minister KCR said repeatedly that the center of the Center is not against the spirit of the federation. The KCR has stated that the federal front would be set up to change the situation. And Mamatha Banerjee was not shocked at his statement. She said that KCR was silent while Modi Sarkar repeatedly said that the federal system was damaging the use of the CBI as a puppet. Vijayashanthi was keen on the KCR that he does not support Mamatha, who is fighting against the trends of Modi.

In West Bengal, in support of Mamatha Banerjee, she said she was worried that KCR did not speak a word of protest against the Center’s attitude. Does misuse of systems in West Bengal come down to the KCR Federal Front? Vijayashanthi questioned directly. Or is it a part of the federal front that leaves some things unseen? That is what happened.

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