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Center has flooded the hopes of Telugu states


Center has flooded the hopes of Telugu states

admin1 June 13, 2018

The Center has once again flooded the hopes of Telugu states. The central government said Wednesday that a steel factory can not be set up in Kadapa, including the steel plant, In this regard, the affidavit filed by the Supreme Court. The Center has stated that division is in the law to set up only factories to examine the possibilities. It is now clear that the Union Steel Ministry has taken into consideration all the factors that have been suggested to take a decision.
It is not possible in the present circumstances in their government’s arrangements, but that the existing industries are in distress and difficult situations. The Center also said it is clear that the steel plants in the new states could not be established in the present, even in the wake of the heavy rainfall. Several ministries have been studying full-time with McConnell in the wake of a number of ministers in the center, Based on the report given by the company, the Center said that it is impossible for the steel industry to be established in both Bayar and Kadapa, The Center has stated in its affidavit that they have already answered the petitions filed in the courts.

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