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Centre Offered Special Assistance Capital For Telangana Backward Districts

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Centre Offered Special Assistance Capital For Telangana Backward Districts

admin1 October 9, 2018

As per the Divisional Act, AP has to pay Rs 50 crore per district for a period of six years under Special Financial Assistance for Backward Districts of Telangana. However, the Modi government, who allocated funds for Telangana in this regard, has stunned the AP. The Center has released a new Rs 450 crore for the nine backward districts of Telangana in the financial year 2018- 19. According to the Divisional Act, seven districts of AP have to be allocated Rs 350 crore but no mention is made. Last year, Rs 350 crore was given in the same way. It is clear that the Center is intentionally discriminating against AP.

The AP government has already expressed serious concern over the Center’s actions. Besides retaining the funds last year, the government is stating that the Modi government in the center is not proof of the action of the Center. The order issued by the Union Finance Ministry on September 28 has revealed that Rs 450 crore will be released to 9 backward districts of Telangana.

The Finance Ministry has stated that Rs 450 crore will be released under the Special Assistance – Capital in 2018-19 for Telangana. The finance ministry said that the funds would be released after the Prime Minister’s office approved the recommendation of Niti Yoi on August 16 to set aside a Special Securities for Backward Districts of Telangana in accordance with Section 94 (2) of the Partition Act. TDP leaders are unhappy that Telangana is happy to release funds, while ignoring AP has emerged out of Modi’s rhetoric.

Section 94 (2) of the Partition Act states that the Center will provide financial assistance to programs in the backward districts of AP and Telangana, along with the expansion of physical and social infrastructure. The Center has agreed to pay back the recession in both the states. Accordingly, the first three years of AP gave Rs.1050 crores. Last year’s Rs 350 crore was withdrawn. This amount of money that was withdrawn at the end of the financial year has not yet been released. Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu said in the Legislative Assembly that the finance ministry has revealed that Rs. 350 crore on February 9 last year was taken by the center and 15 on the orders of the PMO.

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