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‘Champion of the Earth’ Modi

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‘Champion of the Earth’ Modi

admin1 October 4, 2018

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that the clean and green environment is one of its prime. He said the weather and disasters are associated with culture and that it is difficult to protect the environment, preventing disasters as part of our culture. The highest ecological award awarded by the United Nations (UNESCO) was awarded ‘Champions of the Earth’ to Modi by General Secretary Antonio Guetureus.

The award was announced jointly by French President Emmanuel Mekran, along with Modi, for his role in the success of the International Solar Alliance (ISA-International Solar Alliance). After receiving the award, Mr. Modi said, “Our government is working for a clean atmosphere in everything from agriculture and industrial to home and toilets. India has been working more on environmental conservation in recent years. By 2020, our government is trying to reduce carbon emissions by 20-25 percent by 2020 and 30-35 percent by 2030. We are also aiming to ban plastic once used by 2022, “he said.

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