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Change the name ‘Zuckerberg’ ..

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Change the name ‘Zuckerberg’ ..

admin1 May 16, 2018

The Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is facing allegations . The nurses of the Zuckerberg San Francisco Hospital in the US are taking up the issue of removing Zuckerberg’s name from the hospital building. Three years ago, Zuckerberg and his wife donated $ 75 million to the hospital.Zuckerberg named the grateful management agency. Many nurses are demanding the removal of his name in the hospital after Zuckerberg is caught in a Cambridge Analysis Controversy. If someone gave hospitals and land grants to the NGOs, their names for the buildings were quite common in superpower. However, the hospital did not agree to remove his name from anyone who did not support the nurses concerned to remove the name of Zuckerberg.
Cambridge Analitica, campaigning on behalf of Donald Trump, allegedly stolen data from 87 million Facebook accountholders during the US presidential election. Zuckerberg had to face several hearings. Zuckerberg had previously announced that he would be able to make all the blame for three years in full.

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