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China created ‘Mother of All Bombs’

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China created ‘Mother of All Bombs’

admin1 January 5, 2019

China also created a massive bomb as a rival to America’s powerful non-nuclear weapon, called ‘Mother of All Bombs’ (MOB). The weapon launched from the aircraft has been showcased by the National Security Agency ‘Narinco’. The MVB is the next location of nuclear weapons in destructive power. Its original name is ‘Massive Ordnance Air Blast’ (MVB). It is widely known as Mother of All Bombs. In 2017, the US Army launched the bombing of Islamic State terrorists in Afghanistan. It can also destroy powerful buildings and defense camps. The bomb can also be used to eliminate the forest-like obstacles in the area where the helicopter from the helicopter landed down through the ropes. The weapon produced by China has been released by Narinco, a video released by the H-6K range of bomber aircraft. This caused a huge explosion. China bomb weight is a few tons. The length will be 5-6 meters long. America is slightly smaller and less weight than MWAB. The US bombing is likely to move on heavy transport aircraft.

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