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Comedian Prudhvi Satires On Congress Leader Bandla Ganesh

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Comedian Prudhvi Satires On Congress Leader Bandla Ganesh

admin1 November 27, 2018

Film producer, actor and Congress leader Bandla Ganesh threw Tollywood comedian ‘Thirty Years’ Prithvi punch Recently, the Congress party was able to reach Bandla Ganesh into politics. The ticket was also expected from the areas of Shadnagar and Rajendra Nagar. He has also been sworn in as MLA.

Bandla Ganesh did not come to the seat of the Mahakutamy (public alliance) seats in this order. If the seat does not come, what is wrong and will win for the victory of Mahakutty. Bandla Ganesh is a good friend of him, but he is surprised that he comes into politics, “Prithvi said. These comedian comments are becoming viral.

Prithvi said with a Youtube channel, “Ganesh said that if he does not win in Telangana, he will get a neck with a blade. Bandla Ganesh’s behavior was fantastic. Prior to the election, the police should tell. Laughing to save Bandla Ganesh and complain to police to prevent his suicide attempt. Bandla Ganesh has the ability to take a photograph with the American president Trump, saying he has no strength.

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