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Congress ignored Gandhi’s theories: PM

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Congress ignored Gandhi’s theories: PM

admin1 March 12, 2019

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Mahatma Gandhi wanted to cancel the Congress party after 1947. He made comments on the occasion of the 89th anniversary of ‘Dandy March’, which is a key part of the Independence movement. Along with Gandhi, he paid tribute to all participants in Dandi Salt Satyagraha. It was described as a great movement to protect Indian self-esteem. Similarly, Sardar Patel has played a key role in this movement.

At present, the Congress party is accused of going against Gandhian ideologies. He recalled that Gandhiji was totally opposed to the disparity between the people. But the Congress is not saying anything about dividing society. Bhattacharjee said that Bhajan is on the path shown by Gandhi. The Congress has been accused of corruption. He said the BJP has focused on corruption. In the name of Emergency, Congress leaders criticized the constitution.

On Tuesday, the Congress party will hold a working committee meeting in Gujarat on Tuesday. Rahul, Sonia and Priyanka will be participating in this event. Modi’s remarks were important in this regard.

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