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Contaminated Vaccines Put India’s ‘Polio Free’ Status At Risk

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Contaminated Vaccines Put India’s ‘Polio Free’ Status At Risk

admin1 October 2, 2018

A news report on the polio vaccines that are not infected with poliomyelitis has been reported. News reported that vaccines faded after 2016 april are contaminated with the Type II Polio virus.

It is learned that pulse polio vaccines for infants in children less than five years of poliomyelitis. A news related to the vaccines that are causing the disease is aimed at disturbing. The news is a concern that children have been exposed to contaminated vaccines with type 2 poliomyelitis. The 1.5 lakhs units of vaccines contaminated in three batches were distributed. These vaccines were laid for children after April 2016. These types of vaccines have long backed up across the world with our country.

The vaccines were fitted to children in Telangana, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. The biomed company in Ghaziabad has manufactured these contaminated vaccines. Already this company has been arrested. The directors are absconding. Drugs Controller General of India has issued showcause notices to the company to register the case and stop production until further orders.

A virus that has already been destroyed by the polio drops contaminated with type 2 polio virus has been reintroduced in children. The World Health Organization estimates that the effects of these vaccines will be affected.

Type 2 Strain Vaccines were destroyed by the government two years ago from the suppliers and suppliers. However, the Health Department has set up a three-member committee to investigate how the vaccines are on the market.

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