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Cracks In MahaKutami, CPI Angry Over Seat Sharing, Thinking To Exit

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Cracks In MahaKutami, CPI Angry Over Seat Sharing, Thinking To Exit

admin1 November 9, 2018

Is there a possibility of collapse of the great alliance in Telangana? The latest political developments are the same. CPI leaders have expressed displeasure over Congress. After accurately telling them, they are allotting three seats. CPI leader Chanda Venkata Reddy said he thought he would be given at least five seats. On Thursday (November 8) Kuntia’s statement in Delhi, he spoke to the media.

The Congress party in charge of Telangana Affairs Kuntia said that the selection of 74 candidates after the three-day long exercise was finalized. Of the alliance partner parties, TDP 14, TJS 8, CPI 3 and Telangana House 1 each have been allotted 26 seats.

The party leaders expressed dissatisfaction with the CPI only giving 3 seats in the Mahakutami allies in the Telangana election. CPI state secretary Chada Venkat Reddy expressed his disappointment that the Congress has been abandoned even if it has been asked to allocate five of the preferred seats. It seems to have talked with TJS chief Kodandaram.

The 3 seats assigned to Congress!

The CPI party seems to have been allocated to Husnabad, Bellampally and Vaira. However, the CPI leaders are demanding to give a new seat to their own strength. The meeting will be discussed at the party’s Emergency Secretariat on Friday and Chanda Venkat Reddy said that future activities will be announced. The party’s first proposal about the alliance has become a question mark for questioning.

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