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Cyber attack in America

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Cyber attack in America

admin1 December 31, 2018

In America, servers, malware attack on the computer network has caused a turmoil. Because of this, major newspapers came to the market late in the morning in some parts of America. The Los Angeles Times revealed that the cyber attack on the computer network at the Tribune Publishing Center, which prints many newspapers around the country, has been delayed by servers working. As a result, the editions of ‘Los Angeles Times’ and ‘San Diego Union Tribune’ have been delayed.
‘New York Times’ and ‘Wall Street Journal’ Westcon editions, which also printed at the Los Angeles Times printing plant, were also late for readers. Even though many subscribers did not disclose it, the Los Angeles Times readers were very late to Saturday morning. “We think this attack has been intended to stop infrastructure. This effort has been made to freeze the servers and steal information, “the Los Angeles Times said.

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