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‘Democracy is More Important Than Election’


‘Democracy is More Important Than Election’

admin1 May 16, 2018

Prime Minister Modi condemned the violent incidents in Bengal during the panchayat elections. In the Bengal Panchayat elections this month, 12 people lost their lives in the clashes between Trinamool and BJP activists. Modi responded to the incident on Wednesday. Democracy is more important than the election. The ruling Trinamool has blocked BJP candidates from nomination, claiming it was an attack on democracy. It is very unfortunate that such incidents happen in such areas that the Bengal region is so great.

Modi said that elections should be maintained peacefully in order to maintain democracy. They wanted to condemn such incidents and asked them to end with them. Opposition parties have been criticizing the Trinamool Congress for violent attacks on several occasions, even though six thousand workers have been detained during the election. The BJP leaders have blamed Trinamool Congress for overthrowing the power and encouraging violent incidents and tarnangumal leaders to destroy democracy.

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