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Different way of wishes to Ramcharan from upasana


Different way of wishes to Ramcharan from upasana

admin1 March 27, 2018

Hyderabad:Upasana said,Today, Ramcharan’s birthday is a great way to commemorate the blessings. ‘Happy Birthday Mr. C’ was written on the floor with flowers, a blue jeans pants, a white shirt and a gold color watch were standing in front of it. He is called ‘Mr. C’ on his sandals. But the person who was in the suspense was kept. Differently shared and simple shared photo.

On the other hand, Chiranjeevi congratulated those who set up blood group camps on Cherty birthday. “In many parts of the country and in the United States, blood donation at the same time in the country is congratulatory, unreasonable, and uncommon. What’s the great gift that Ramcharan has to offer. No matter how much you have been doing for over two decades, my ambition is that no one should die unless it is blood. You want to make this effort successful and want to fill in a lot of inspiration. “

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