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‘Do not believe the central …’


‘Do not believe the central …’

admin1 March 13, 2018

Special status movement is also supported by the film industry. Young Nikhil and director Koratla Shiva have already heard their voice for status, while BVS Ravi and Kona Venkat have also expressed their opinion. In this list, another young hero Manchu Manoj also joined the list. In response to the questions asked by fans in the latest tweeter, Manoj responded strongly.

As a response to a fan who reminded the farmers’ demands, the Maharashtra government said, “We also have a special status. There is nothing except the shell. If we trust the center, we will go to Sanakana. ” Responding to the question of trusting any party in the state, you are convinced that you believe it best. Instead of questioning who should believe in the package, the packet should be given to the second capital in the south.

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