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Don’t know about the KCR alliance: Modi

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Don’t know about the KCR alliance: Modi

admin1 January 2, 2019

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that I do not think so far about setting up the KCR coalition. Mahakootami arrangement at the national level is not only for the sake of the country but for the sake of overthrowing me. There will be 2019 elections between the people and the Mahakootami. Speaking on an interview with the ANI English news agency, he said, “The mahakootami has suffered a terrible phase in Tripura and Kashmir. The people of Telangana defeated the Mahakumati. The election of the people who will fulfill the wishes of the people. Now speaking against BJP, they are against the Congress. Now the Congress party is doing the sacrifices of the victims. Political propaganda in South India We came to power in Karnataka and Goa. The country spreads across the country. Our doctrine is to give and value regional ambitions. The Congress does not have the right to speak on abuses of constitutional systems. The Cabinet decision was thrown at a press conference by Rahul Gandhi. In Parliament, I answered the allegations against Rafael. Why are there only complaints about defense contracts after independence? The Army is straining the stability of making accusations of defense contracts. There is no need for the Army to buy weapons that are needed, “he said.

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