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Don’t want anyone to dub for me, will leave no stone unturned for Saaho

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Don’t want anyone to dub for me, will leave no stone unturned for Saaho

admin1 November 24, 2017

As she attended the launch of a bioscope of director Subhash Ghai at the 48th International Film Festival of India, Shraddha Kapoor cut a beautiful figure. The actress was in a bubbly mood as she stopped by for a freewheeling chat.

Hailing from a family of legendary singers (she is related to
the Mangeshkars), Shraddha revealed that she never skips her riyaz. “I practice singing on a daily basis,” she smiled. On being quizzed further, she laughed, “I practice regularly only in my bathroom. I’m of the opinion that singing in the bathroom makes one a better singer. I also get creative thoughts while I’m practicing. I’m glad my fans and audiences have applauded my songs and praised my singing. This boosts my morale towards singing especially.”

While Shraddha groans that a lot of her fans believe that Aashiqui 2 was her first movie, she takes this opportunity to talk about Teen Patti, her debut film. The movie didn’t do too well, but it gave her a chance to work with Amitabh Bachchan.

“I remember when I first met Amitji, I was excited and nervous at the same time. He’s so tall, but I’m on the shorter side. However, being the huge personality that he is, he knows how to comfort newcomers and make them feel at home with him. I must confess that in his presence and with his humility, I opened up and shared a comfortable shooting experience right from the first day,” Shraddha says.

Currently working on Saaho with Prabhas, the actress says she will dub for her part in not just Hindi but Tamil and Telugu too. “Giving my own voice to my face makes me feel great. I don’t want anyone else to dub for me,” she asserts. “I’m aware that since I’m not well-versed with the languages, dubbing will be a Herculean task. But for Saaho, I will leave no stone unturned. Now, it’s up to the producer and director to allow me to dub for my character.”

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