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Drug Racket Targets Students Of Hyd International Schools

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Drug Racket Targets Students Of Hyd International Schools

admin1 July 3, 2017

A Special Task Force (STF) of the Telangana Excise department and prohibition department busted a narcotic drug gang and arrested three persons for selling drugs on Saturday night. The STF seized substantial quantity of drugs worth Rs 30 lakhs from them. The gang is said to have been targeting corporate schools and multi-national companies (MNCs).
Speaking at a press conference on Sunday, the authorities said that they had arrested Kelvin Masra, a small-time musician, Abdul Bahad (20) and Abdul Quddus (20), and seized 3,000 units of LSD and 35 gm of MDMA. The selling price of these drugs could be higher than Rs 30 lakhs, officials said. This has been said as the biggest drug bust in the city in recent times.

He added that this drug racket targeted corporate and international schools in the twin cities where the children of celebrities and politicians study. A 9th class student and many more teenage students were found to be their alleged customers. A prominent film producer and employees of MNCs were also buying drugs from this drug racket.

LSD is sold in tablets or in liquid form, and is said to be one of the most potent narcotic drugs. MDMA, commonly known as ‘Molly’ or ‘Ecstasy’, is extensively used in parties, Excise officials said. The accused have reportedly been importing drugs from Chicago, US and selling in Hyderabad.

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