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‘EVMs hacking impossible’

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‘EVMs hacking impossible’

admin1 March 12, 2019

The use of electorate voting machines (EVM) in the upcoming Lok Sabha election was supported by former Central Election Commissioner Naveen Chawla. It was made clear that they could not hack or dismiss them with other machines. EVMs are under the supervision of senior government officials and will not be subject to irregularities.

Chawla said that he believes that EVMs are not capable of disposing of efficient machinery. Chawla said, “EVERY ONE COUSTS OF THE EVERYTHING COUPLE,” said the book, which is like a desktop calculator with two or three duties and can not be hacked.

I do not think anyone can change EVM chips anymore after the voters have used their vote. No other EVM chips can be changed by using other machines. Every EVM has been set up in the upcoming elections and the entire EVM system will become more accountable.

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