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Facebook has blocked multiple accounts in America

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Facebook has blocked multiple accounts in America

admin1 November 6, 2018

Leading social networking firm Facebook is taking some precautions in the face of the midterm election in the US. Suspicion of links to several foreign companies has blocked 30 accounts in Facebook and 85 accounts in the Photo Sharing Platform Instagram.

“On Sunday evening, the US Department of Justice contacted us. Many online accounts have been identified as having links to overseas companies. According to the preliminary investigation we made about 30 Facebook accounts and 85 Instagram accounts are unofficial. Immediately blocked those accounts. We are investigating them, “Facebook posted on the post.

The Cambridge Analtica, a UK-based company who worked for the Donald Trump during the US presidential election, has misused Facebook information. More than 50 million Facebook accounts have been personalized. Facebook is now in the forefront of the midterm elections in America. It is also trying to keep the untrue news.

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