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Families Of Nandamuri Fans Divided

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Families Of Nandamuri Fans Divided

admin1 January 13, 2016

With two stars of Nandamuri clan slugging it out at the Box Office this Sankranthi, naturally, all eyes are on the big clash. Balakrishna’s 99th film Dictator and NTR’s 25th film Nannaku Prematho are locking horns at the ticket windows making the festival season more

The talk has it that Nandamuri fans are divided between Balayya and NTR. Especially the fact that the stars have great following among one community, elders among the families of the community are showing interest to watch Dictator while youngsters choosing other way around.

The younger generation audiences are voting for Tarak. Many youngsters have already booked tickets in advance and few others prepping up to watch Nannaku Prematho. And the situation is slightly different for Dictator.

Audiences for Balayya’s Dictator are masses and elders who decided to watch Dictator at any cost. With this, there’s a clear division between the set of audiences for both the films. It needs to be seen which is going to take on the other. Let’s wait and watch.1452658659-1121

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