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Fan Wars: Nani’s Devadas, Next Target?

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Fan Wars: Nani’s Devadas, Next Target?

admin1 September 18, 2018


The fan wars on social media platform are not uncommon these days. If a star hero’s film is releasing, we usually see fans of other heroes spreading negative talk on that movie. If at all that movie attracts any divide talk, anti-fans will strike with some extreme trolling on that actor and the film.

When Pawan’s Sardaar released 2 years ago, Mahesh fans trolled Pawan and when Superstar’s Brahmotsavam opened to flop talk, fans of Powerstar attacked in similar fashion. In the same way, the social media war between Mega fans and Nandamuri fans always exist on social platforms. But, these fans and anti-fans will no way able to affect the film’s fate. Rather, they fetch more publicity & opening day collections to the star hero’s movie.

Alerted with the growing fan wars, our star actors like NTR, Ram Charan and Mahesh Babu have took an incredible step they began to meet frequently. Their pictures of gathering at one place are sending out some good message to the fans.

During these times, the social media fans of Bigg Boss-2 fame Kaushal, well known as Kaushal Army, are creating ripples with their acts. With his behavior in BB house, Kaushal definitely have earned support of several fans who recently organized a 2K run in Hyderabad. But, this army is also attracting huge criticism for hitting out at other contestants of the house on social media.

Apart from that, Kaushal fans have also targeted the Bigg Boss host Nani and his upcoming movie ‘Devadas’, also starring Akkineni Nagarjuna. Going by few posts on Twitter, the fans of Kaushal are widely spreading that if Kaushal Army decides to target Devadas, the film will end up as a disaster. It remains to be seen how fans of this Bigg Boss Star is going to impact Nani and his film.

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